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Jeannette Loram

I am a Nutritious Movement® certified restorative exercise specialist (RES) and biologist.  
I have always enjoyed movement and exercise.  I was  a competitive swimmer for many years, a keen runner and long-term yoga practitioner. As a biologist I thought I had a good understanding of what I needed to do to keep healthy and saw myself as strong and fit. However, aches and pains crept in and in my early 30's I was diagnosed with osteopenia in my lumbar spine.  I also suffered some pelvic floor dysfunction after the birth of my first son.  I started to do some research on both issues and I discovered the work of biomechanist Katy Bowman, director of Nutritious Movement®. Katy's scientific approach to human movement made so much sense  and revolutionized my approach to health. I certified with Katy Bowman in 2013 and continue to learn with her and other leaders in the fields of yoga, alignment and movement. I can safely say I have a more functional body now than I did ten years ago. 
 My original training was in marine molecular biology and I was a research biologist for many years. I still love exploring rocky shore coasts for interesting critters, but I now use my training in cell science to understand and communicate what science tells us about human movement and health. 
I love teaching movement and science and my hope is that my teaching inspires people to move more and in a way that supports living well and doing what they love.  
When I am not working, the thing I love most is hiking the glorious hills or exploring the coasts of West Scotland.