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Biddy Simpson

A keen hill walker, trail runner and Kundalini Yoga practioner, I run Past-Tracks - a small company based in Argyll, which offers Chi Walking instruction to groups and on a 1: 1 basis. I've always been passionate about walking (especially hill walking) for lots of different reasons. It is a great way to keep active, fit and strong, it really helps our mental and spiritual well being, because its great to explore and discover new places and it can also be great to challenge ourselves (physically and mentally). Through injury and age, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of moving more and moving well. Chi Walking, combines some of the guiding principles found in ancient traditions of T'ai Chi and Yoga and fuses them with more modern concepts found in the laws of physics and biomechanics. The result being an increased awareness of your standing and walking posture, a greater mind-body connection, reduced injuries, greater strength and stamina and rediscovering a love of walking. Walking is the building block to so many things that we do. If we can do it with less stress, more awareness and more energy then the results will flow into other parts of our lives (physically, mentally and emotionally).

My Instructors Sessions

Saturday, May 4

9:00am BST