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Anna Neubert-Wood

Anna is the founder of WanderWomen, an organisation facilitating weekend escapes for women and providing opportunities to step back from everyday life, in order to find connection to the self, like-minded people, and the outdoors around us.

Anna says: "Nature is home. Spiritually, physically and emotionally. It taught me it's ok to be light and to be dark, to have highs and lows, ebb and flows, energy and lack thereof, to be soft and strong at the same time. As humans, we go through seasons and everything is perfect, just as it is. It's all about acceptance of what is, and that there is a right time for everything! Nature grounds me and slows me down. In nature, I am my best self."

My Instructors Sessions

Saturday, May 4

8:00am BST

Sunday, May 5

8:00am BST